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Welcome to, your drop-catch and auction platform for brandable ICANN and blockchain domains! Every website needs a domain name that represents your personal or business internet presence. The technological term “domain” generally refers to an autonomous digital data processing system, means the server infrastructure that provides the content of the website. A domain name may even refer to a whole server farm, with one or more so-called domain controllers, mail servers and community platforms. That's why domain names are the most important key component of a digital environment.

ICANN domains

Regular domains with TLDs (Top Level Domains) such as .com, .net and .org are regulated by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. The DNS (Domain Name System) consists of DNS root servers and subordinate DNS servers located in major data centers. All DNS data associated with a domain is written to a so called zone file, which is basically a simple text file, stored on and distributed by the DNS servers. A client computer then connects to a DNS server provided by its IPS (Internet Service Provider). The connection is usually established unencrypted via the unidirectional UDP protocol on port 58.

While most of the attractive premium domains have already been reserved by domain traders, offers a wide portfolio of brandable ICANN domains.

Blockchain domains

A blockchain domain is part of a decentralized DNS (Domain Name System). Currently only offers Namecoin blockchain domains. Namecoin is a cryptographically highly secured key/value store that was forked from Bitcoin in April 2011. With the currency code NMC, it offers currency transactions only as well. The blockchain is generated via merged mining along with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, giving it the highest hash rate compared to any other alternative coin.

The domain name is stored as a key of a blockchain record, while the associated DNS settings are written to the value field. The record is assigned to a unique NMC address that represents the cryptographic token. While this token is primarily a cryptographic asset, the domain name itself is also an asset in the legal sense, which primarily determines its financial value.

Drop-Catch-Service offers a drop-catch-service for ICANN and Namecoin blockchain domains. All Namecoin domain traders are asked to adhere to our Domain Trading Policy. It has to be mentioned that there is generally no guarantee that a Namecoin asset will be caught, as this depends on several factors, such as the state of the internet connection or the Namecoin P2P network itself. It regularly happens that parts of the network are out of sync for at least one or two blocks. This is unfortunately unavoidable in a distributed network. - Exclusive Premium Domains - Exclusive Premium Domains

Public auctions

Auctions are being held with the Telegram auction bot @domaindealsbot, capable of trading any type of asset. The bot sends automatic notifications when a bidder has been outbid or a higher bid has been withdrawn. It also sends reminders at repeated intervals when the auction is about to end. Pop-up notifications are provided at the top of the screen that show confirmations about your orders as well as the minimum bid prices.

All bids must be submitted in a separate step or they will be treated as pending. Even if a bidder has been outbid, he has to confirm his bid in order for it to become active in case of a withdrawn higher bid. You can stop and delete the entire bot chat at any time, your bids will not be affected! To withdraw bids, the cancel buttons have to be explicitly pressed.

All bidders remain anonymous. The auction bot limits the access to the auction to unrestricted members of the connected telegram group @domaindealspro. This was introduced as security feature to prevent auctions being manipulated by malicious actors. As a second security layer and to equalize the manual account verification of new group members, paid membership has been introduced. For a one-time fee of 0.05 ETH (Ethereum), the member gets write access to the group and thus access to the auction bot. The fee will be deducted afterwards again from the member's first winning bid. Group members who don't wish to participate in the auctions may remain in the group as guests in read-only channel mode.

All currently offered assets may be searched and sorted in the Auction-Listing.

Requests for listings

Any community member may feel free to ask to get their desired Namecoin asset included in the auction. There are two ways to do so:

🔸 Ask for listing of your own assets. If your best asset fits into the auction's portfolio, you will first be asked to provide the cryptographic proof of ownership. Next, please provide your minimum bid price. Your asset will then be marketed as “on behalf”.

🔸 Choose a Namecoin asset from the blockchain containing the value As long as it is not reserved for a specific purpose, it may get into the auction. - Exclusive Premium Domains