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OneName was an ID service provider for the Blockstack network, active from 2014-2017 at, now known as They stored the user profile data on the Namecoin blockchain as their back-end, including links to avatar and cover images, mainly from the Twitter platform. These external assets are considered NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) in today's common sense.

For the basic data, OneName used the u/ namespace, which was extended by the i/ namespace if the data didn't meet Namecoin's 520-byte limitation for the value field. In rare cases, only records in the i/ namespace were used. The founders and core developers of OneName created the first back-end records on Monday, 24th of February 2014, 08:27:31 (GMT/UTC) at block 163,986:

Muneeb Ali

Ryan Shea

In autumn 2021, in the wake of the global NFT hype, the crypto community began to re-register all OneName NFTs after realizing that these NFTs in the common sense, including links to external images, are the oldest NFTs in the crypto universe. Some bot-script operators started to systematically re-register thousands of entries, trying to restore the original value. Unfortunately, due to poorly coded scripts, a not insignificant number of entries were renewed with incorrect data, most likely caused by a loop script and non-unset variables. Other entries seem to have been intentionally renewed with incorrect data by copying the data from valuable assets to entries without any financial value. Also, several fake entries were recently created with this data, giving the impression of being original OneName records. All records shown on were filtered through a multi-step process by different systems and selected based on their original name updates with a block height < 500,000. If you check the data with a blockchain explorer, make sure to verify the asset's history!

In the following the most relevant statistics:

• 9868 ID records in namespace i/
• 8633 OneName NFT/ID records in namespace i/

• 32,100 ID records in namespace u/
• 29,454 OneName NFT/ID records in namespace u/

• 41,968 total ID records with namespaces i/ and u/
• 38,086 total OneName NFT/ID records with namespaces i/ and u/

• 16,190 valid OneName NFTs with avatars
• 29,985 valid OneName NFTs with covers
• 7513 valid OneName NFTs with individual covers
• 22,472 valid OneName NFTs with common covers
• 48 total ComicCons Manga Avatars (individually generated with
• 37 total Blockheads (2014/15 unique Twitter avatars, 3 external links, 43 total including invalids)
• 8 total Identicons (GitHub avatars)
• 277 total Twitter Eggs (2014/15 Twitter standard profile images)
• 36 total QR-codes (contact data, web-links, wallet addresses)

• 37,047 total valid OneName NFTs with avatars and/or covers

1. Common cover:
u/danielbru (block 166,140)

1. Individual cover:
i/gbattle-1 (block 166,278)

1. Avatar:
i/stormtrooper7-1 (block 166,157)

1. Manga Avatar:
i/deizel-1 (block 166,307)

1. Blockhead:
i/el3k0n-1 (block 166,336)

1. Identicon:
u/frozenlock (block 166,447)

1. Twitter Egg:
u/loopman (block 188,925)

• 245 OneName NFTs with invalid links
• 37,292 total OneName NFTs with avatars and/or covers, including invalids

Sortable tables

All images shown in the tables are previews only with 50 px height. created an archive of all accessible and valid NFT links in June 28, 2022. All file names were prefixed with the name of the respective Namecoin asset, with the slash of the namespace replaced by an underscore. In case of a linked pair of records in the u/ and i/ namespaces, both containing the same image, two separate files were created. If the first data entry containing an NFT link to an external image was invalid, the name history was rescanned once and the next entry was taken if the file check succeeded. While this was the case for about 100 assets only out of more than 38,000, there could still be very few where only the third version of an NFT link was valid; those assets would not be listed. Below are the statistics of the archive:

• 16,190 avatar files
• 7513 individual cover files
• 41 common covers
• 7554 total cover files

23,744 total NFT files

The block height of the Namecoin asset refers to the firstupdate operation on the blockchain, which is preceded by a name_new operation. Latter has no relevance from both a cryptographic and a legal point of view, since the new name operation merely creates a reserved spendable transaction output only, with the standard value of 0.01 NMC and a minimum safety margin of 12 blocks from the final cleartext registration. The new name operation can also be issued while the name is still active and can therefore never be used to calculate the age of the asset. Therefore, new name operations won't even be shown in the history of the asset requested by the name_history RPC command (Remote Procedure Call) via the console of the software wallet. The Namecoin asset is created or re-registered solely with the firstupdate operation, which guarantees cryptographic ownership for 36,000 blocks.

Once the Namecoin asset is created, it persists forever, even after expiration and following re-registration, with the entire history assigned immutably. Obtaining the private key of an active registration grants ownership of the asset and the cryptographic token currently assigned to it. Since the minting date of an NFT link does not necessarily match the creation date of the cryptographic Namecoin asset itself (the key/value pair of the blockchain record), both block heights are shown. The NFT referencing an external asset was created by a name_update operation in this case, see Register NFTs for details. If the avatar or cover image has changed while the OneName profile was live, the first NFT will be shown. More details may be found by a lookup with our blockchain explorer or via the console of a Namecoin software wallet. However, all NFTs will be shown on the detail pages of the auctioned assets.

Below the presorted and filterable tables of all known original OneName NFTs on the Namecoin blockchain: - Exclusive Premium Domains

This sortable table lists all currently auctioned assets, including the start price (minimum bid) in ETH (Ethereum) - Exclusive Premium Domains

OneName Listing
This sortable table lists 749 OneName NFTs, registered by for auction - Exclusive Premium Domains

OneName Avatars
This sortable table lists 16,190​ OneName NFTs with avatars - Exclusive Premium Domains

OneName Covers
This sortable table lists 29,985 OneName NFTs with common and individual covers - Exclusive Premium Domains

Individual Covers
This sortable table lists 7513 total OneName NFTs with individual covers - Exclusive Premium Domains

Common Covers
This sortable table lists 22,472 OneName NFTs with common covers - Exclusive Premium Domains

Common Covers Table
This sortable table lists 41 common covers, with links to each separate table - Exclusive Premium Domains

OneName Complete
This sortable table lists 37,047 total OneName NFTs with avatars and/or covers - Exclusive Premium Domains

Animated GIFs
This sortable table lists 24 OneName NFTs with animated GIFs - Exclusive Premium Domains

Bitcoin Logos
This sortable table lists 114 OneName NFTs with Bitcoin logos - Exclusive Premium Domains

This sortable table lists 37 OneName NFTs with Twitter blockheads - Exclusive Premium Domains

Default Profiles
This sortable table lists 87 binary identical OneName NFTs with Twitter default profile pictures - Exclusive Premium Domains

This sortable table lists 8 OneName NFTs with identicons (GitHub avatars) - Exclusive Premium Domains

Manga Avatars
This sortable table lists 48 OneName NFTs with Manga avatars - Exclusive Premium Domains

Twitter Eggs
This sortable table lists 277 OneName NFTs with Twitter eggs - Exclusive Premium Domains

This sortable table lists 37 OneName NFTs with QR-Codes - Exclusive Premium Domains

OneName Invalids
This sortable table lists 245 OneName NFTs with invalid links - Exclusive Premium Domains

Blockheads Invalid
This sortable table lists 6 OneName NFTs with invalid Twitter blockheads