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‚Äč - Twitter avatar u/zekaf Avatar, minted at block 222,846, 233,589 and 233,600 - Twitter cover u/zekaf Common cover no. 297 from 597, minted at block 222,846 - Twitter cover u/zekaf Individual cover, minted at block 233.589, 233.600, 234.314 and 248.206

Namecoin Logou/zekaf

First registered at Namecoin block: 222,846

Thursday 19th of March 2015 18:07:57 (GMT/UTC)



Identicon (GitHub avatar), 4th out of a total of 8 ever minted identicons
Asset includes one avatar and two different covers (see block explorer)
Total on-chain: 3 (linked record i/zekaf-1, cropped version u/jgfaisca)
Cover no. 297 from 597, minted at block 222,846
OneName/Blockstack backend ID-record (now

Category: NFTs