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Namecoin Logo nft/OneName_Avatars.png

First registered at Namecoin block: 634,048

Thursday 13th of October 2022 23:36:25 (GMT/UTC)

AssetImage sizeFile sizeStart price
nft/OneName_Avatars.png36,500 x 36,500 px (1.33 Gpx)​1.53 GB​250 ETH
nft/OneName_Avatars_50.png18,250 x 18,250 px (333 Mpx)
​550 MB​125 ETH
nft/OneName_Avatars_25.png9,125 x 9,125 px (83.3 Mpx)
​142 MB​60 ETH
nft/OneName_Avatars_12.png4,563 x 4,563 px (20.8 Mpx)
​40.8 MB​30 ETH
nft/OneName_Avatars_6.png2,281 x 2,281 px (5.2 Mpx)
​11.7 MB​15 ETH
nft/OneName_Avatars_3.png​1,142 x 1,142 px (1.3 Mpx)
​3.29 MB​8 ETH

Collage of 16,190 OneName avatar files minted on the Namecoin blockchain between 2014 and 2017, accessed on June 28, 2022
Each avatar has been scaled to 300 px height and shows the archive's file name of in the header. In case of duplicates or changed avatars by the same OneName user, the first avatar is shown. The smaller formats were scaled down exponentially. For the distribution of the files please refer to the linked block explorer, which shows the live data from the Namecoin blockchain. Recommended torrent client (adds free) is qBittorrent. The gigapixel NFT is best viewed with IrfanView.

Category: NFTs

8 - 250 ETH