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Namecoin Logo d/xn--1xa

Namecoin blockchain domain / Web3 ID
Punycode .bit domain

• Greek letter pi, mathematical constant
• First real use case Punycode blockchain domain ever (144 blocks after ASCII art record d/xn--tzac)
• Minted on Wednesday 11th of May 2011 19:04:27 (GMT/UTC) at block 2045
• Unicode character resolved in the browser's address bar (see screen capture at section General specifications)

This Namecoin asset allows both use as a blockchain domain and (alternatively or additionally) the storage of personal contact data as your digital business card. The cryptographic function of signing temporary login tokens etc. enables passwordless OpenID web logins and identity verification. See section Web3 Identities for details.

Category: Commerce, Media, Punycodes, Domains, IDs, NFTs

250 ETH